What to do at ZSL London Zoo

The Zoo can be like walking into a jungle, with so many things to see in one, you may get caught in the vines of your overthinking mind, without a guide. Let these 5 things be your guide and take you to the attractions and experiences that will guarantee a great day or night.

1. Bedbugs sleepover

Bedbugs sleepover, don’t be alarmed this is not putting those hassle some creatures into your mattress, eww! This is a family opportunity to bring your kids along to stay in the Zoo overnight in the bughouse! There’s a torchlight tour so you can catch the lion sleeping…in the London jungle, Activites aplenty for the kids with bug spotting and spider patting ‘Ahhhh!, hot beverages for the older portion of the group to keep that one eye open, breakfast and a souvenir.

2. Zoo nights

Zoo nights, It’s not the same as the Zoo days, this one is at night! The Zoo throws its gates open to the likes of you and your friends, partners, dates, possible business colleagues, deal you’re trying to close? take it to the literal lion’s den! Bringing that Camden party atmosphere to the Zoo, they slide in some food stalls, throw up a few bars and let the workers play, go and get a ticket now.

3. PLONK crazy golf at London Zoo

PLONK crazy golf at London Zoo, they’re everywhere else with the other animals of London why not with the real ones too. The crafts people behind this course have made a habitat for golf balls, an enclosure for greens, pens for the holes so that all your golfing dreams can come true in one setting. There’s a neon secret enclosure, as part of the 9 difficultly fun courses, to wrap your putter around. Get others to spot your Albatross during the game, I believe in you.

4. Land of the Lion

Land of the Lions, of course we all only go to the Zoo to see the lions, right? To be confronted with their raw power! Safely kept inside the wonderful settings of Asia, this enclosure is truly a gift of creativity, allowing you to wander into a foreign land of the past, without a time machine. Imagine yourself as king of the jungle, surveying your peers but don’t tease them, they can only be gawked at for so long before they get hungry.


5.  Meet the Keeper

Meet the Keeper, the Zoo only has such happy animals because of the great people taking care of them. You can quiz them on what is fed to these great monsters of the wild, how they’re groomed, but most importantly why it is necessary to keep animals at all, this is not only intriguing and informative it’s also very humanising to hear the love they have for these creatures of fascination. Afterwards you may want to become a helper or move to a jungle and save the extremely rare thousand toed rainbow sloth, a treasure hunt that will keep you enthralled by the daily lives of our evolutionary partners forever.