Crazy Golf in YOUR HOME!

Make your own mini golf course, and Become a Plonk Member with Us!

Since we have had to temporarily close our doors, we thought how can we keep people having fun and being creative whilst they are locked up indoors!

With so many little golfers being homeschooled at the moment, we wanted to help with your lesson planning worries!! These lessons are open to people of all ages, not just little golfers… big golfers can also enter!

So we challenge you to make the best mini golf holes you can, Blue Peter style; maybe that Pringles tube is finished now and it would make for a great tunnel, or jump off of that old pizza box and into the clothes basket!! 


Regular home School Hole design Packs, Regular Digital Content to go with the packs and Invites to our Live lessons and 20% off all Plonk Venue Bookings for the rest of the year*.


We are asking you to share your creations by video to our social media as #PLONKATHOME and we will award prizes each week to the best and most ingenious creations…AND not only that…The best mini golf course design will be built at our Camden Market venue when we reopen!!

50% of profits from this campaign will go to The Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund. 


Here’s an example of one of our informational videos. We will be regularly uploading video on our youtube channel. From ‘Build Diaries” to informative making videos, to great clips we have seen to inspire your creative thinking. Stay tuned for more to come… Our Plonk Channel 

Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund.

Since the charity started in 1992, their main aim has been to make a positive difference to the lives of children diagnosed with cancer. This is done by offering practical, financial and emotional support to the whole family through their range of projects.

The caring teams at their offices always give 100% to ensure that the families they help have the support they need to get through the problems and stresses that cancer brings.

They do not have the comfort of any reserves like many bigger charities do, so the truth is, they just do not know if we will survive this COVID 19 outbreak without the extra help where possible.


Design Pack Membership

Each weekly design pack will include instructions on how to make a new mini golf hole, some design pages, colouring in illustrations to keep you inspired, teaching aid sheet for the video lessons, printable scorecards (And access to our e-scorecard), a helpful list of materials, access to our series of how to videos, and invites to our Live Lessons… Not Bad eh!!… we’ll have mini golf makers out of you in no time!

If you want more info on the design packs and how to use them, please email us at

Contact us at:



Every wanted to design a mini golf hole? and have 10,000s of people play on it? Now is your chance!!

The prizes we will offer each week to the best creations uploaded to our socials to will be: Tickets to our courses for when we reopen, your own clubs and balls set to play at home, Plonk Merchandise, Plonk Trophies and Medals, and of course the absolute best creation we will make and install into our Camden Market course for the summer.

Plonk Crazy Golf decorations



To really help parents manage their time and homeschool schedules we have broken up “the lesson plan” across 9 videos that you will also have access to as they are made, For each pack purchased you will be invited via email to our Live Streaming Class room sessions.

Our lessons will be held by our leading mini golf project masters, who not only have a wealth of knowledge on the subject of mini golf, but have been trained by qualified art teachers to deliver great and informative content for little and big golfers.

When you buy your pack, you are also booking the slot which you would like to have a lesson on. We will email you a link to the live stream before it happens so you can get prepared with all the info in the design pack. We will be opening up more slots as more memberships are sold.


We have made sure to make that the necessary tools and materials can be found in anyone’s home. Of course if you have a workshop you can take this to the next level, but we are making sure to keep this activity as inclusive as possible, with indoor designs, made from card, up-cycled materials, tape, staples, scissors and a bit of smarts.

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