As we are all spending more time than ever in the parks, we decided to make your park time as simple as possible, with our Plonk Picnic Packages. Picked up at our London Fields venue, out picnic packages will have you fed, watered and entertained all day long.

Our ClubsandWedges Kitchen will be knocking out our Picnic Loaves – a hollowed our large loaf, stuffed full of your favourite sandwich fillers. from our bespoke Club sandwich filling to our Asian Jackfruit vegan choice, these over sized Sandwiches are made fresh daily.

Beers and golf balls


To keep you watered the picnic package included 2 jugs of mixer, ice and fruits, so you just have to add the booze – Just let us know what cocktail jug you want us to make with your liquor.

You bring the Rum and we can make jugs of Dark and Stormy – Ginger beer, Lime, bitters served over ice.

You bring the Pimms, we’ll cut the fruit, and serve the jugs with ice and lemonade.

You bring the tequila, we’ll make the Margaritas…


Plonk’s Picnic Packages – Terms and Conditions

  1. We do not supply or sell any alcohol. You will be ecxpectede to bring your own.
  1. We will charge a deposit fee for the jugs and reusable cups handed out
  1. You will get 2 jugs of soft drinks and fruits per picnic package.
  1. You will be expected to bring the jug back between refills.
  1. You will be expected to add the alcohol to your jug as we do not have a license to do so.
  1. Full alcohol content (ABVs) of all drinks are not available.
  1. Drinking to excess will not be permitted and participants are required to drink responsibly at all times.
  1. Plonk Golf Ltd reserves the right to refuse service to any individual that they deem to be excessively intoxicated.
  1. Water will be available and provided to all guests upon request.
  1. Management reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time and without prior notice, and reserve the right to refuse serving alcohol to any participant at any time without notice.
  1. Alcohol appearing to be consumed by under 18s will be reported and IDs checked. Proof of ID may be required. Acceptable forms of ID are limited to passports, drivers licences, and ID cards bearing the ‘PASS’ Logo.
  1. All service is subject to licensing restrictions.
giant colourful dice


To give you some entertainment whilst you sip on your cold summery cocktails, we will also provide you a park game of your choice.

We have everything from boules to play on the court opposite our venue to Kubb – the ancient viking game which is one of our staff favourites.

There’s skittle you can play on the old cricket wicket or take out one of our park friendly board games and jumbo foam dice for some drinking snakes and ladders.



Totally unique to our London Fields venue is our Gelato and Sorbet concept, Boats & Floats. Have your favourite gelato and sorbet flavours with either a cone, boat or as a float.

Our house floats are made of 2 scoops of fresh gelato or sorbet, crushed ice, fruit purees and syrups, soda water, fresh fruits.

Check out our full, menu below!!


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Arch 407 Mentmore Terrace, London E8 3PP

2 Mins from the London Fields Overground Station
5 Mins from Broadway Market
10 Mins from Hackney Central Overground Station


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