About Us

Plonk Crazy Golf was founded by a troop of set designers from the film industry who banded together for a common cause…to use our skills to create the greatest Crazy Golf courses imaginable and putting them in bars, markets, museums and… well anywhere we could!!

In 2014 we opened our first course in Haggerston, London, built from 100% up-cycled materials rescued from the streets of Hackney. Since that initial success, we’ve been creating ever more ambitious courses across the UK and Europe.

Totally unique and customisable, we work closely with award-winning venues, bars, pubs, and museums to create one-of-a-kind golf-stacle Courses tailored to each venue.

Outdoors we’re creating otherworldly courses under beer gardens marquees. Indoors, we’re creating hyper-coloured UV adventures. And, from the first course to the latest, we’re always alongside properly pulled pints and great food, in adult and family venues.

We DESIGN, BUILD, INSTALL, and MANAGE all of our golf courses ourselves, meaning no other mini golf courses in the world are like ours. Each Plonk course offers a completely new experience tailored to match the venue. Big, small, themed, or branded, our in-house design team always has their pencils sharpened, ready to design your Perfect Plonk Course.

The past 3 years have seen us Plonking down all over the Capital. From one-off events to permanent installations, we’re always pushing ourselves further, continually offering new and better mini golf adventures to all of our fellow Plonkers.

So come down and join us in one of our Polynesian Putting Paradises for a pint and a Plonking good time!