London is never short of relaxing fun activities to do on the weekends or when you are done with the day’s business. One of such activities is playing your favourite board games at one of the numerous games bars in the city. The best part about this type of fun is that you have a waiter bringing you booze and delicious snacks or meals. So you could be hanging out with your colleagues after a hard day’s work and challenging each other to a game of chess or checkers while having your favourite alcohol. If this sounds like your typical idea of fun, our top picks of the best games bars in London will interest you.

  1. Draughts, Hackney

Draughts Hackney, is one of the most popular game bars in London. When it comes to bars with large selections of games, Draughts comes to mind with more than 500 games. You will be spoilt for choice at this games bar. There is an entry fee of £5, which will give you access to their unlimited wide selection of games as well as the help of an in-house games guru if you need help with the rules of the game. There is a wide selection of alcohol and eats including cider, beer, ale, and wine, with simple food.

  1. Scenario, Stoke Newington

Scenario is a cocktail-themed bar located in Stoke Newington. This games bar has an impressive selection of games of about 100 including some classics that you are already familiar with. What we find even more impressive is their drinks list, which are cocktails named after your favourite classic games. Scenario serves you nostalgia in a glass.

  1. Secret Weapon, Stratford

Scenario’s sister location in Stratford, Secret Weapon, is your traditional pub by day and a laidback games bar by night. Get you and your friends a table in this intimate bar and set yourselves up for a night of fun.

  1. Scooter Café, Waterloo

Scooter is one of those spots that are off the beaten path in London. The bar has one of the most eclectic ambiences that you will want to return to every time you get the chance. The bar is brightly lit and is always looking like fun but is also relaxed, making it a great spot for some board games and booze action.