If you are familiar with London nightlife, then you are probably aware that alcohol can be quite expensive in the high-end areas of the city. Everyone enjoys a good night out with friends having drinks and laughs or having deep discussions about politics or even sports over several drinks. But when you try out new places and you find that a glass of wine costs more than 10 quid, you begin to wonder if your decision to drink wine in an expensive restaurant was a great idea. This is why BYOB places have become popular over the years. The idea of bringing your own booze to your favourite spot is one that many have grown fond of.

Now let’s explore some of the best BYOB places in London.


Caboose is a restaurant in London that now occupies a spot that was once a train cabin. It is nested at the Old Truman Brewery where it serves up smoky BBQ. One of the interesting things about this Brick Lane spot is that it offers the space for private parties with BYOB. The owners of the restaurant prepare a three-course meal for up to 13 guests who bring their own booze. There is an ice chest and a fridge space should you want to cool your alcohol. The restaurant charges a corkage fee of £5 per person.

Bonnington Café

This is an eco-minded community cafe that runs a roster of cooks from different nations, who take turns to make vegan dishes at the lowest prices. You can visit their website to see who is at the stove for the day. They also serve cakes and other sweet delights. There is BYOB at Bonnington Cafe all week at no corkage.

Counter Culture

Here is another fantastic BYOB spot in the city of London. It is a unique restaurant that takes a break from the regular menus by helping us appreciate the little things. The establishment occupies a tiny space and offers a tiny menu, where you will find the most fascinating dishes that change depending on the mood of their passionate chefs, or on the season. Here is something that you should know – they charge a corking fee of 10 pounds on wine, but you can drink your ciders and beers for free.

Fez Mangal

Fez Mangal is a popular spot where you are likely going to meet a queue at the Turkish grill. But the service is always on point, so you are going to find a table quickly. You will get to enjoy a view of the meat maestros as they work the hefty barbecue skewers and shave slices off them. Fez Mangal offers BYOB all week at no corkage.