Are you planning to go out for drinks with friends or colleagues after work or on the weekend? Here are some of the best BYOB spots in Camden market for your consideration.

Band of Burgers

Out for drinks with friends but craving some burgers? Then you should head to Band of Burgers to fill up your belly. The restaurant specialises in a variety of burgers, and the best part is that they let you create your burgers adding your touch. With just £9 you can select from several types of cheese, patties, sauces, veggies and extras. Enjoy BYOB in a cool environment at Band of Burgers.


With corkage of £5 on Fridays and Saturdays, you can enjoy BYOB with your friends on a night out. You can bring along with you any alcohol of your choice and enjoy a variety of dishes from China, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. However, the corkage fee is charged on off-peak days from Sundays to Thursdays. The Camden restaurant has been around since the ’80s and it has managed to remain consistent over the decades. This is one of the best spots for a night out.


This cocktail bar has built a reputation for itself thanks to its brilliant and quirky concept. BYOC stands for ‘bring your own cocktails’ is a play on the acronym BYOB, which does not need any further introduction. Visitors are offered two straight hours of drinking time, during which they will witness all kinds of tailor-made drinks using the alcohol you provide and a wide range of mixers at the bar. You will be charged corkage of £25 per head to bring your unopened bottle of spirit.

Saponara Italian Delicatessen

If you are in or around Camden market and you are looking for an Italian BYOB restaurant, then you should check out Saponara Italian Delicatessen. This restaurant has been around for ages, and it has managed to maintain its quality and style. It is one of those unique places where you go with friends to have some Italian dishes and your favourite alcohol. It is not the biggest spot in town, but it serves its purpose quite well. We recommend booking in advance because it is almost always packed. They have a good selection of wines, but you can go with your bottle and pay a corkage fee of £7.