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Plonk Battersea is our smallest course but by no means the easiest. A UV hyper-coloured arcade version of our full Plonk Crazy Golf courses – we pack in 7-holes, but we’ve nuked-it with a Shrink-A-Lizer 8000 (Our Plonk design team outdid themselves this time). So expect our usual golf-stacles only to scale – Mini Marble Runs and Lil’ Loop the Loops, Bitty Bumpers, and Resized Randomisers. Bucket loads of fun in a smaller package.


The Four Thieves Pub

An Enormous Victorian Music Hall, PLUS Games Arcade, PLUS Microbrewery, PLUS comedy store, PLUS covered Beer Garden; The Four Thieves has to be the most prominent entertainment establishment in the Whole of West London. The beer is brewed on site and comes straight from the tank to tap. Their HUGE games arcade hosts RC racing in it, retro Arcade cabinets, ping pong, pinball, foosball, TWO Crystal Maze style puzzle rooms, and a range of midweek and weekend events, to hold even the shortest attention spans!

The Four Thieves operates a strictly over 21 policy.


Open Hours

ADULTS (Over 21)
1 Round: £6

Mon - Fri: 7pm - 10pm (Pay at the Venue - We don't accept online bookings)
Friday: 6pm-2am (Pay at the Venue - We don't accept online bookings)
Saturday: 12pm-2am (Pay at the Venue - We don't accept online bookings)
Sunday: 1pm-9pm (Pay at the Venue - We don't accept online bookings )

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The Four Thieves Pub
51 Lavender Gardens,
London SW11 1DJ

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