If you are looking for a classy night out after a hard week’s work with your friends or date, you really should check out some of London’s best rooftop bars. It’s a nice way to soak in the sunset while drinking some wine and chatting with your company. Another awesome thing about having drinks at rooftop bars in London is the view of the city. Everything about it is really magical, from watching the sunset to the lit streets of this fascinating capital. London’s rooftop bars are also great places to network, if you are looking to get to know new people. Additionally, you get to drink some of the best cocktails the city has to offer. To top all that off, you have front-row seats to the most glamorous skyline in the country.

Frank’s Café

There is always so much to do and places to go in London, especially when it comes to nightlife. Visitors from around the world are in for a treat in the buzzing city. Peckham Levels is one of the popular stops for both locals and visitors because it is an innovative multi-leveled hub of everything from entertainment to culture, food, and drinks. If you are with friends and fancy a crazy golfing session, you should check out the Plonk Peckham crazy hold course at the basement, then you can head to the rooftop afterward to have some drinks at Frank’s Café.

The Classic

Start off your day at the Plonk Camden and compete with your friends at the crazy golf course. It is located in the very popular Camden market, which is home to well over 700 traders. You are allowed 2 drinks at the Plonk Camden BYOB, then you can go have cocktails at The Classic. The neighboring rooftop offers a relaxing atmosphere and a decent crowd for some after work night haunt. You should also try the mojito which the bar is well known for.

The Queen of Hoxton

This rooftop bar is one of the most exquisite in the city, it is an ever-evolving space that has now been transformed into the summer version (the bar changes it’s theme 2 times a year), so you can expect to experience something different from time to time, which is why it is one of the best. It’s is totally different from most of the bars in the city – from its unconventional vending machines that serve beers to its grungy ambiance that is well suited to the nightlife.

Netil360, Netil House

The Netil 360 is located right at the top of the Netil House, it is one of the most versatile rooftop bars in London. In the day time, this space offers yoga, a workspace, and amazing café food. But the real fun starts at about 6pm – there are hot tubs, film screenings, a croquet lawn and more. It’s a fantastic bar to catch the amazing view and the relaxing and friendly vibe.


If you are looking for the perfect after work cocktail bar, Aviary is where you want to be. The outdoor lounge is highly recommended because you get to watch the sunset while soaking in the relaxing and accommodating atmosphere. But if you prefer to be indoors, there is a restaurant that also offers a similarly great view and one the best steak selections. And if you want some privacy, you can book a private terrace.