Picture a city with subtropical weather that is perfect for endless beach days, and little or no traffic – a paradise for both residents and holidaymakers alike. East London is famous for it’s welcoming atmosphere, a variety of places to see and things to do. There is so much to do that your chances of covering the entire area is slim. It is a beautiful city that offers some of the best places to grab a bite, listen to some good music, top beach spots and more! We have put together some of the most exciting places to visit and things to do while you are in East London.

Go crazy golfing at the Shoreditch Venue

The Shoreditch Venue is not your regular mini golf course, this one adds “crazy” to the equation. The first thing about the 9 Hole golf course that strikes you is it’s ambiance, even if you are not playing any golf you are bound to catch the vibe. The Shoreditch Venue features a 9 hole course with obstacles and mazes – the right recipe for an adventurous crazy golfing. You get to bring your own booze– 2 cans, no glass is allowed in the venue. Whether you are visiting East London alone or with your buddies, be sure to check out the Shoreditch Venue, it is an experience that is worth having.

Outdoor golfing at Hackney

Unlike the Shoreditch Venue, the BYOB Plank Course is an outdoor/garden course that goes well with the East London weather.

Experience the 9 holes of tiki sunshine, which was the first Plonk outdoor course. The beer garden isn’t just a nice and serene arena, it is matching in craziness to other Plonk venues like Shoreditch. The 9 hole course isn’t easy to complete, thanks to the series of obstacles put in place –tub-thumping and bumper bouncing, creatively designed to drive you crazy (in a fun way). The course is located at The People’s Park Tavern, right in-between the park and the bar. You also get to enjoy a view over Victoria Park.

The best part about the Plonk Hackney Plank course is the colors and ambiance when it is lit up at night, the open air with fresh breeze giving the course a completely different vibe at sunset.

The People’s Park Tavern

The People’s Park Tavern is you can find one of the best beer gardens in London, docked right on the edge of Victoria Park. The edge of the garden is lined with heated huts, there are a BBQ shack, a cocktail bar and live music on weekends. There is more to do indoors where you have the microbrewery with taps that serve amazing craft ales. The Tavern serves a beautiful landscape at night with the lights, music, holidaymakers, and locals coming together to create the perfect holiday spot.

Go see the dolphins on the Esplanade

If you are a lover of dolphins and aquatic life, your trip is not complete if you do not visit the dolphin spotting on Esplanade Street in Quigney.

The best milkshakes in the world are at Friesland Milk Bar

The Friesland Milk Bar corner shop is located in Tennyson street is where you can have the best milkshakes in the world. The thousands of visitors that troop in year in year out will attest to this.