BYOB Places Near Camden

Having the option of bringing your alcohol to a restaurant can be quite liberating. Sometimes restaurants boast of having a wide selection of wines and other types of alcohol but fall short when they do not have your favourite. The great thing about BYOB restaurants is that they offer you some control over what you would like to have with your steak or Italian dish. However, it doesn’t end at bringing your booze, the restaurant also has to be up to it in terms of the quality of their meals and the ambience of the space, or it could all go down to waste. Great alcohol deserves to go down with some good food, and it is not just about the quantity, but the quality. And it is for this reason that we have rounded up the best BYOB places near Camden.

Band of Burgers

If you have ever imagined creating your burger with your signature touch, then Band of Burgers is where you want to be. And to add, the restaurant allows you to enjoy BYOB in a relaxing and comfortable environment. There is no doubt why Band of Burgers is one of the most popular BYOB places in Camden. This is because they offer an extensive menu with all kinds of burgers you can think of, and large plates with lamb, chicken, fish, and vegan dishes. With £9 you can create your signature burger. Bring along with you your favourite bottle to go down with the delicious meals served at the restaurant.

The Beach Hut

Another impressive restaurant is the Beach Hut with BYOB and fish and chips. If you are looking for the best fish and chips restaurants around then you really should consider Beach Hut. One of the reasons why it is a favourite spot is because of the portion sizes which are reasonably priced. The fish is well prepared – battered appropriately and not too greasy. If you want to feast on something outside the usual, you can order mussels and prawns, oysters. Corkage is free at the Beach Hut.

SSÄM – Korean Dining

SSAM is another BYOB spot that you should check out. It is located at about less than a minute from Holloway station. This is an authentic Korean BBQ that packs their dishes with rich flavours and the portion sizes are quite generous. When it comes to tasty dishes, you are going to have a hard time choosing your favourite, whether you are starting from the small platters or their spicy pork belly. We recommend booking ahead if you plan to go on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night.


Bintang is a Pan Asian restaurant that specialises in an assortment of delicious dishes from China, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam. Bring along with you your bottle of exotic wines to enjoy meals across Asia’s cuisine capitals. Corkage of £5 is charged on Fridays and Saturdays, but that falls to £3 from Sundays to Thursdays.