What To Do This Summer in London

Summer in London is unlike anywhere else, the exceptional white sandy beaches just don’t exist and going for a late afternoon sunbathe on the banks of the Thames, although legal, is missing that ‘breath taking view’ experience and swimming(that is illegal) but London knows how to answer summers call, and promises to leave you with only happy memories if you do these five things.

1. Plonk at London Zoo

Plonk at London Zoo, it’s not just mini golf, it’s in a dang zoo with the lions and monkeys, the ultimate adventure mini golf. It’s a veritable wonderland that’s set as a Polynesian putting playground, a Tiki habitat, a place where island dreams can be fulfilled without the travel. As the setting sweeps your adventurous soul onto an imagined safari you may just be able to feel the elephants trunk spurt a refreshing blast of water from the Serengeti onto your neck when you get a hole in one….keep your eyes peeled across the plains for the secret UV habitat, it’s worth a putt.

2. Plonk at London Fields

Plonk at London Fields, where the young and daring used to enjoy the sun and those disposable bbq’s called ‘sticks on fire in the ground’ now a home to young families that love to have a little putt and a pint, this one is well worth the hunt as not only are you handsomely rewarded by the beautiful setting, the drinks are BYOB after 6 so the crowd can have find their perfect time to play, kids in the day, adults and sneaky parents can come back at night for a rematch.

3. Kew Gardens, The Hive

Kew Gardens, The Hive, when the hole in ones become overwhelming and central London is just too much, then the peaceful surrounds of Kew Gardens is the place your heart wishes for, a romantic setting, a wondrous park and also an enigmatic piece of architecture ‘The Hive’ all hoping you will come see it.

4. Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival, London in Summer is all about building up to the carnival, getting that rhythm into your feet, learning how to eat plaintain and callaloo whilst dancing, sup some tasty punch and then be at one of the 100s of stages around Notting hill to drench yourself in the soul of London.

5.  Arcelormittal Orbit

Arcelormittal Orbit, no list is complete without a modern masterful disaster that, in the need to recuperate costs, they’ve turned into a slide! Feel the true madness of the whole attraction whilst you slide for the fastest 40 seconds of your life, thinking, if I ever get the opportunity to make something even half as grandiose as this I will certainly make it different colours….