Tips and Tricks on How to Win at Mini Golf

Things can get pretty competitive on the pro-golf circuit, but it pays to keep your head, often it pays very handsomely indeed! It may seem like playing mini-golf is nothing more than simply knocking a golf ball around a pre-set course and hoping for the best, but if you really want to win at mini-golf (almost as badly as those pro-golfers do), it can be worth taking some advice from professional golfers about their game and applying their advice and techniques to your own.

Here are some sound tips for the aspiring mini golfer looking to improve their game:

Measure your putter

Most problems with poor mini-golf performance starts with your putter. You need to ensure that you handle the right sized putter for your reach. The right sized putter for you should reach up to your belt. You should be able to comfortably hold the putter right in the middle of the grip.

Practice hitting the ball

Having control over your ball speed is essential if you want to effectively steer the ball in the right direction using the appropriate amount of force for it to travel the distance you need. Practice hitting golf balls over ever lengthening distances starting with a target of just four feet away on a flat surface. Once you have mastered it consistently landing on or close to your target, move the target to six feet away, then eight, then ten feet away.

Practice your angle shots

Once you have practised your straight shots towards a hole, step this up to practising bouncing the ball off walls and curbs for an angle shot to change direction. Place a target on the floor, such as a bright circle of felt or material that is not easily blown away in the wind, use that to aim your angle shots towards.

Tackle some obstacles

Challenge your newly-honed putting skills by practising on sloped ground, manoeuvring around plant pots in the garden, or setting up some spare plastic guttering to play through.

You may notice we have repeated the advice of practising here (a lot!), so why not head down to your nearest Plonk! Mini-golf course to practice to your heart’s content!