Ahh secrets, wars were won because of them, lives were lost because of them and now who is watching you whilst you are reading this? Secrets can be treacherous but have a browse through ours here and you will see that not all secrets hurt, some of them can be quite fun, like the time you slept with your neighbour….or was it you fell asleep in the hallway and they woke you up and you’ve kept that secret to yourself for all this time….don’t tell them just take them to one of the below to apologise.

1. Nightjar

Nightjar, voted one of the greatest bars in the whole of the world, i’ve tried drinking all the cocktails here but then they change them and each time the new ones are better than the old ones, oh it is hard going to bars that are so wonderful, dark wood, booths, smooooth jazz and seriously mind altering cocktails, go there on a date and you will be numero uno on Tinder for years to come. Best to book though.

2. Shoreditch Plonk

Shoreditch Plonk, if you know how to mix your own cocktail then challenge yourself and get to Plonk Shoreditch with its BYOB and 9 exceedingly fun and mildly difficult holes. Try mixing a martini whilst you putt into the Volcano! Or swilling an Ol’ Fashioned whilst balancing your ball along the vertical course. If you don’t have fun here then you should probably just play another round and keep playing till you smile from the neon madness.

3. The Barbican Conservatory

The Barbican Conservatory, one of the more peaceful emeralds in this diamond encrusted city, the tropical plants will invite you in to lose yourselves in their leafy arms, you won’t know where the trees stop and you begin. There’s Terrapin there! It’s free and it’s like the world always says to you ‘Go inside to truly get outside’. The cacti room is a little prickly but once you get passed the initial sting you’ll be amazed by their shapes and colours. Go there now!

4. Plonk Camden Market

Plonk Camden Market, they get a lot of points here, they give the best of Camden with the best of golf, cool place and holes that are short, tricky and always fun to play. The camouflage and neon will make you feel like you’re in a bunker in the heart of the jungle, whilst the rebels fight for justice you fight for the ultimate prize, beating your best mate at putt putt, win that and you may just walk out with a bit of a Che Guevara swagger. Hole 6 is the one to watch out for as the tiki monster may be smiling but like all good Tiki’s he’s got a secret, don’t hit it too hard, just tap it in….

5. The Multi Storey Orchestra

The Multi Storey Orchestra, I went to a carpark once and it had no cars, it had no stench, there was no guard telling me to get my ticket validated, there was an Orchestra and there was a bar, now there’s restaurants and more people and fun times and a skate ramp made with turf over the top of it, this hidden wonderland is bloody gorgeous, go here!