What to See and Do in Shoreditch

There is never a shortage of things to do in London regardless of what time of the year you are visiting. So, whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, rest assured that you will find dozens of activities that will interest you, from museums to theatres and cinemas, to parties, restaurants and pubs, and all kinds of activities for both day and night.

Shoreditch is a town where you will find an unlimited number of vintage shops, which is why it is referred to as London’s quirkiest areas. There is an endless list of cool things to see and do in the town with the most unique experiences. Whether you are a visitor or a local, there is more than enough to see and do to last several lifetimes.

Check out London’s best street art

Street art is one for the coolest things about Shoreditch. The best part is that it is off the beaten path and a break from what you will experience in Central London, where you are more likely to find art displayed in conventional ways in museums and galleries. But if you want to have a unique experience in London’s East End, then the streets of Shoreditch is where you need to be.  That is where you will find the coolest things. Here, you will find some of the most creative murals, with Shoreditch Triangle and Redchurch Street boasting of the best. Take a walk to Shoreditch from Brick Lane, you won’t regret it.

Vintage shopping

If you love vintage items including clothing, furniture, and unique items, then you should visit Shoreditch. It is the home of unique clothes and accessories where you will find many vintage shops and independent boutiques. Some of the shops have been there for decades, with one of the popular shops, Atika (formerly Blitz London) which is known as one of the biggest vintage shops in Europe. Brick Lane’s Sunday market is another market that we think you should explore, where you will find a wide selection of second-hand clothing.

See a movie at the cinemas

There are many independent cinemas and art spaces in Shoreditch. Most of the cinemas are open all year round, and they offer a unique experience such as Electric Cinema, where you will enjoy a luxurious experience while being relaxed on comfortable couches, complete with blankets, and a glass of wine. And if you are interested in more independent art, you should stop by Rich Mix, a creative venue that offers a platform for comedians, musicians, emerging artists, and a cinema.

Party at Shoreditch’s nightclubs

Shoreditch has a reputation for its nightlife and night-time entertainment. It was once packed with theatres and brothels, but now—restaurants, bars and nightclubs. You will find high-end clubs such as XOYO and Cargo, but there are many cheaper options if you are looking for a cheaper night out.