The Best Arcade Bars In London

Over the years, the great British night out has seen a lot of changes. The typical Londoner is always thirsty for fun and the newest spots in town, or simply exploring old playgrounds with friends. It is more than just the beers, wines and cocktails; there is more to a great night out in the Capital city than that, well, for many nightcrawlers.  It is more about the atmosphere and ambience of the bars. It isn’t enough to offer affordable alcohol; as a result, many bars are now transforming their spaces to accommodate games and other fun ideas.

Gone are the days when all you got was a dartboard, scrabble or chess. Nowadays, many bars have games that will get you high on adrenaline flowing through your veins. There is absolutely no limit to the kind of games you will find – anything from mini gold courses to ping pong, bowling, shooting games, VR games, and many more. These games make these bars look more exciting, and they are also great for keeping the conversation flowing.

In this article, we are going to explore the best 5 arcade bars in London.

Plonk Crazy Golf in London Fields

This mini-golf course is one of many scattered across some of London’s trendiest areas. The London Fields venue is one of the most exciting spots to spend the night. The mini-golf creation was designed to bring out the fun side of you as you tackle challenging holes with obstacles. There are many activities and games to engage you and your partner as you challenge each other’s skills with arcade games, pinball, board games, and enjoy great food and drinks.

The Four Quarters

If you are looking for an arcade bar where you can play some retro games and revel in nostalgia while drinking some beers, The Four Quarters is for you. Challenge your friends to a game of Street Fighter II or play a game of Pac Man. Whichever game you decide to play; there is so much fun to be had at the bar. Although it is primarily a bar, it also serves as a cafe in the afternoon, after which it returns to its primary state serving beers and a variety of drinks. You can choose from a variety of local brews, alongside a hearty pub food. You can partake in gaming tournaments, film screenings and one-off parties and events.


Loading is one of East London’s popular pubs. It combines its videogame inspired cocktails with a basement packed with old and new game consoles. The bar hosts theme nights regularly – you can catch a Rock Band karaoke night if you and your friends are up for it. One of the best things about the bar is its staff who are always friendly and welcoming.


Simmons is a laidback, lovely bar that can pass as an arcade bar. The bar offers old school games in the SEGA Megadrive and SNES consoles which they have tucked in a corner. Simmons makes a great night out with your partner. Enjoy the old school games, great service, and get down to some old school music as well.

The Old School Yard

The Old School Yard is a popular South London spot that is best known for its nostalgic decor. The Long Lane bar features a variety of toys, Nintendo games, and classic comics. One thing that you will quickly notice is the clock that is always set for 3:10 PM. The bar is the perfect balance between childhood memories and adulthood love for cold beer and liquor.