The season is upon us again. Are you visiting London for Christmas? Well, we have put together a list of places to go with a date while in the capital city this Christmas.

London in winter is buzzing with hundreds of interesting things to do and places to go. Whether you are visiting with family or friends, there is never a shortage of fun activities in London in Christmas.  In this list, we have covered the most fun places that you can go to with a date in London including places to eat and warm up around the city, events, festivals, and unique activities. No matter how cold it gets, London has something magical in store for you.

Go to an ice-skating rink

If you love ice skating, then you are in for a big treat in London. There are several popular attractions around the city to go ice skating in winter. If you came with your skates, lace-up and hit the nearby rink! The rinks are not open until December, and they will remain open till January. What you will love about many of the venues are their beautiful decorations which create a magical experience. If you need ideas for ice-skating venues, you should check out Somerset House, Hyde Park, The National History Museum, and Tower of London.

Enjoy a warming afternoon tea

Tea is a traditional drink in the UK. Having a chat over a cup of tea sounds like a nice way to get to know your date. Make time to get warmed up with a cup of tea at some of the best restaurants and hotels in London. You do not want to miss this traditional experience even though it might cost you a little. Check online for vouchers that will make the experience more affordable.

Warm-up in a cosy pub

One of the nicest things that you can do in London in Christmas is to enjoy the warmth and cosiness of a London pub with a date while having a pint of beer, mulled wine or cider. The best pubs where you can get the genuine experience of a London pub are located outside Central London. You will get to experience the true London characters in these pubs, in addition to the eccentricity and history that London pubs offer.

Go to a museum (for free!)

This makes a perfect choice if you and your date have interests  in art. London offers quite a lot in terms of beauty, history and many interesting exhibitions. The museum buildings themselves have a lot of stories to tell, and just by walking through them one can truly be fascinated by their beauty. The architecture of the Natural History Museum and the ceilings of the British Museum are sights to behold. The best part is that entry into most of these museums is completely free. Seeing the hidden gems in these museums is truly worth the time to experience.

Go Crazy Golfing in Camden

camden plonk crazy golf scorecard

If you are looking for unique experiences that are off the beaten path, you will be intrigued by the hyper-coloured crazy golf course in Camden Town. This Plonk venue is housed in the Victorian horse stables in Camden Market. The venue features a tropical theme spanning across 6 units. With a full bar, this venue makes a great spot for a night out with a date.